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Terms and Conditions

This section outlines the rules of provision of informational, consulting, and investment services
and terms of cooperation of any registered client with SPORTBETS 7.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The status of a participant of the SPORTBETS 7 investment platform can be obtained by any private individual considered of age under the law of their state who has the right to manage their financial assets independently, and if it is permitted by the law of their state and international legislations.
1.2. Registering on the Company Website and further collaboration is available by any Client's voluntary decision and will.
1.3. Having registered, Client confirms that he or she agrees to all Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and agrees to comply with all obligations. Client also receives all rights stipulated in this Agreement.
1.4. Documents and materials published on the Website are strictly recommendatory. Client is responsible for their use.
1.5. In the event of a controversy between the Parties, they can be solely resolved by negotiation.

2. Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Client

2.1. To register on the Website, Client must fill in all fields of the registration form accurately and truthfully.
2.2. Client can only register once and can only have one account (the Company detects users who create more than one account, verifies their IP-addresses, identifies their PC's and other identifiers). If the Company detects multiple registrations, it can block the account of such a client; all funds deposited in such accounts will be transferred to the ownership of the Company.
2.3. Client can only add necessary investment funds to Company accounts out of free will, which is why he or she bears full responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.
2.4. Clients can invite other potential clients to join using the techniques permitted under the current legislation. For example, by using e-mails (NOT SPAM), placing advertisements on different websites and forums, and other means that promote the development of the project and are not prohibited by the current legislation of the country of residence of the Client. Such means should not contradict the conditions of this Agreement.
2.5. Client can only use Company contacts for the intended purposes. Sending personal advertising messages to the contacts provided by the Company is prohibited. Private correspondence that is not relevant to the program or investing is also prohibited.
2.6. The Company employs modern equipment and innovative software and uses the most reliable protection that currently exists. Company clients are allowed to use specialized software to protect their data (for example, licensed anti-virus programs and firewalls).
2.7. If Client detects a hacking attempt aimed at his or her account, they must immediately notify Customer Support experts about it. They can also address Customer Support for any questions or issues related to the program.
2.8. Client agrees that if he or she violates any clause of this Agreement, appropriate measures specified for the relevant kind of violation will be applied to him or her.

3. Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Company

3.1. The Company allows all Clients to pick their preferred usernames at will to link the corresponding user accounts to. The Company provides all clients with a 24-hour access to their accounts once this Agreement is concluded.
3.2. The Company guarantees full confidentiality and protection of all data and information regarding the transactions stored at clients' accounts. Company employees cannot transfer any information to third parties. In turn, the Company does not bear responsibility for the voluntary transfer of personal data to third parties performed by the Client himself or herself, as well as for the situations when the Client failed to ensure reliable security for their own data.
3.3. The Company guarantees the timely automatic accrual of funds for all users according to the investment offers and relevant project Regulations, if the Client strictly complies with all terms of the current Agreement.
3.4. The Company can unilaterally modify or supplement the clauses of this Agreement but must inform clients in advance by e-mail about the planned changes, as well as the date they enter into force. The Client’s ignoring of these letters is not the responsibility of the Company.
3.5. In a number of situations, the Company preserves the exclusive right to block an account of a Client. It is possible in the following cases:

  • а) Client systematically uses coarse or obscene language when conducting correspondence with employees of the Company;
  • b) Client speaks negatively about the program or the Company when communicating on a forum, blog or in a chat;
  • c) Client emails SPAM, inappropriate or false information;
  • d) Client deliberately registers multiple accounts in the program;
  • e) Client's activity negatively affects the qualitative characteristics of the Website due to the usage of low-quality software or equipment;
  • f) Client's activity leads to inter-ethnic conflicts.
    • 4. Settlement Terms

      4.1. Crediting funds to the Client of the Company is performed strictly according to the investment plan available on Company's website.
      4.2. Funds are credited to Clients' account balances.
      4.3. Withdrawal of funds is performed instantly if there are funds available at Clients' account balances.
      4.4. Withdrawal requests are made by Clients using electronic payment systems that support the investment process of the Company. All associated costs of funds withdrawal are borne by the Company in full.
      4.5. Client agrees not to hold any demands against the Company in case of a delayed payment that occurred due to a force-major, technical issues of electronic payment systems, or other reasons beyond the Company's control.

      5. Guarantees and Limitation of Liability

      5.1. The main activity of the Company is generation of profit from sports events;
      5.2. The Company guarantees a seamless and correct functioning of the Website and all accounts;
      5.3. If a program failure occurs, the Company undertakes to ensure its prompt recovery and launch.

      6. Duration, Modification and Termination of the Agreement

      6.1. The Agreement is considered concluded if the Client accepts it according to clauses 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 of the current Agreement, and its duration matches the time the program exists.
      6.2. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify and supplement the Agreement without notifying the Client. Besides, the Client agrees to independently track the introduction of changes or modifications to the Agreement or Website contents that can be made by the Company.
      6.3. All actions performed by the Client on the Company Website must be confirmed by the Client once the new changes come into force.
      6.4. If the Client violates the Terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to block his or her account or terminate this Agreement in a unilateral manner without prior notification.

      7. Final provisions

      7.1. The electronic version of the current Agreement is available to all visitors and program Clients at the Company Website: www.sportbets7.com.
      7.2. The Company and Client acknowledge that the Agreement they are concluding and accepting in an electronic form features a bilateral legal force and cannot be disputed by a third party.
      7.3. The Company and Client acknowledge and confirm that all cooperation between the Parties is a private transaction in nature, and its details and conditions cannot be disclosed to a third party.
      7.4. Each section of the Company Website automatically correlates with this Agreement and must be complied with by the Parties in order like the current Agreement.