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Aug 8, 2019 12:03
The official launch of our company website
We’re in a hurry to announce the end of beta testing and the official launch of our company’s website. We keep up to date and tried to take into account all the current trends today and create such a site that can meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Thanks to the responsive design, our website is guaranteed to provide users with convenient operation and comfort. We also launched an official channel (https://t.me/sportbets7_channel)and a chat (https://t.me/sportbets7_chat) in Telegram to quickly inform our customers and partners about all the events taking place inside and around our company. Also, our operators will quickly answer all questions and help solve any problem. The only thing left is small - join the successful SportBets7 team and invite partners!
Aug 7, 2019 08:09
Now you can replenish via Payeer
Dear users! We received a huge number of applications from partners for the implementation of the Payeer payment system. Since SportBets7 always follows the path of customer focus, we are pleased to announce that we have integrated Payeer for our users and now you have the opportunity to replenish your balance and make a profit through this payment system. This service guarantees a high speed of transactions, and the transfer fees are minimal. Thanks to a large number of ways to deposit and withdraw funds, we will be able to provide the most comfortable and simple working conditions with our platform.
Aug 1, 2019 20:06
SPORTBETS 7 is currently running in test mode
Our website is currently running in test mode. Testing a website before the official launch is like a tradition to break a bottle of champagne on a ship going on the first flight. Similarly, testing a website for vulnerabilities, bugs, and adaptability is an important step before launching it in free floating on the Internet. Our ultimate goal is a quality resource without errors, with good readability, perceived ease, convenience and reliability, effectively and stably performing the business functions assigned to it. If you find an error or inaccuracy on the site, we will be very grateful if you tell us about it. Please write to us about all your comments at support@sportbets7.com.</p>